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The merger offers the most comprehensive communication systems in the industry.
November 30, 2010 San Diego, California - In a recently announced agreement, Pico Macom, Standard Communications and X-Digital Systems, Inc. have merged to become Pico Digital, Inc., offering unique and comprehensive customer solutions in the broadband, satellite, cable and broadcast telecommunication markets.

The combined strengths of Pico Macom and Standard Communications, leaders in the broadband technology industry, along with X-Digital's expertise in the satellite and terrestrial multimedia communication systems, will provide technology development, system solutions and sales and marketing to offer the most comprehensive communication systems in the industry.

"Pico Digital is well-positioned to be a major supplier to our customers and partners," said Ian Lerner, CEO of Pico Digital. "This merger allows Pico Digital to pursue larger, more comprehensive deals as we can now supply not only technology blocks, but complete system solutions to our customers. With Pico Digital's international reach, our digital product offerings can be introduced to new markets."

With a world-class technical team and extensive sales force reach, Pico Digital executes critical projects for marquee customers in the broadcast, hospitality, multiple dwelling, contribution and distribution markets. Existing content clients include ABC Radio Networks, ESPN/Disney, Skyview and Clear Channel. "

With our new technical team and core technology, our product offerings are perfectly suited for our customer base," said Carlos Shteremberg, President of Pico Digital. "We are able to offer unbeatable solutions with flexibility and technical performance not common in this market."

Pico Digital currently offers transmodulators, transcoders and EdgeQAM devices, as well as ProIdiom and DTCP enabled scrambler devices. They plan to soon offer satellite to IP, universal scramblers and high-density HD video encoders.

Their channel partners and sales force already have a strong presence in the U.S., Latin American and Asian markets, and their global reach is expected to expand in the future.

About Pico Macom
With 46 years of excellence, Pico Macom is a worldwide leader in the engineering, development and manufacturing of an extensive line of broadband solutions. They offer complete end-to-end solutions for franchised cable, private cable and other industries, including headend/electronics equipment, distribution and subscriber products, test and measurement equipment and drop installation materials. For more information, please visit

About Standard Communications
With a 40-year reputation, Standard Communications is a leading developer of quality headend and network solutions. Delivering high performance, density and value, their line of ever-expanding solutions includes equipment for digital and analog signal modulation, satellite to IP platforms, digital encryption systems and more. For more information, please visit

About X-Digital Systems
X-Digital Systems, Inc. (XDS) designs and manufactures satellite and terrestrial multimedia communication systems. Specializing in advanced systems for wireless and wired applications, X-Digital equipment features patent-pending technology designed to deliver the reliability, flexibility, automation and quality needed for broadcasters worldwide to deliver next-generation digital over public and private networks. X-Digital is a privately held, employee-owned company headquartered in San Diego, Calif. with sales offices in Tokyo, Japan. For more information on the company or its products, please visit X-Digital Systems, Inc. at