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The XDS PRO1Q and PRO4Q raise the performance bar in US radio distribution with feature enhancements
May 21, 2012 San Diego, California - Showcased recently at NAB 2012 in Las Vegas, Pico Digital continues its dominance of the US radio distribution market by releasing the XDS PRO1Q and PRO4Q single and quad channel satellite receivers. An evolutionary development of its industry leading PROx platform design, the DVB-S/S2 receivers offer a wider range of reception down to 256ksps allowing Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) or dual channel networks to replace their distribution in a low bitrate carrier DVB systems while enhancing their service offering with advanced features available in the XDS platform. The PROx includes onboard Solid State Drive as well as NAS connectivity. Jose Rivero, VP Network Technology at Pico Digital, affirmed that "The PROx receivers are highly scalable and are capable of running without a management system in linear mode or fully managed through in-band satellite or IP connectivity using the industry standard XNMS Transaction Management System for advance scheduling, store and forward, copy split, and live or pre-recorded content management. The XDS radio platform provides multiple cost effective growth options for small and large networks. The total solution maintains the XDS Radio Platform as the most advanced and dominant brand in radio distribution, continuing to outpace its competition."

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