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Pico Digital to highlight edgeQAM and Modulation solutions during the DISH Team Summit 2013
May 13, 2013 San Diego, California - Pico Digital, a worldwide leader in providing comprehensive multi-media delivery solutions to customers in the broadband, satellite, cable and broadband markets will highlight their leading edge technology at DISH Team Summit, May 15-16, 2013 in San Antonio. Booth #330.

Pico Digital will be highlighting the following products in their booth.

IPQ-PRO-12 & IPQ-LYNK - GbE IP-Input Edge QAM Systems for DISH Networks Systems
The IPQ-PRO-12 and IPQ-LYNK are two of the high performance edgeQAM solutions available through Pico Digital. These solutions were specifically designed to automatically discover and control any DISH UPnP receiver. This auto-discovery allows for easy integration, set-up and configuration of the DISH receivers through the IPQ-PRO or IPQ-LYNK web interface, in addition both units also provide an option for full set-up through the full front panel LED menu system. The IPQ-PRO and IPQ-LYNK accept multiple program channels protected by DTCP on a GbE input and applies either the Pro:Idiom or the Samsung LYNK encryption to the content with a combined QAM-RF output. Both of the IPQ-PRO and the IPQ-LYNK systems download DISH data to allow clear programming selection by channel name or number with auto updating as well as automatically transfers receiver configuration to a standby receiver when a source receiver is no longer available. As with all Pico Digital products, the IPQ-PRO and the IPQ-LYNK were designed with ease of setup, solid performance, intelligent resiliency, and extensible platform in mind.

PD1000, HD MPEG-2 or H.264 Encoding, Multiplexing, Modulation System.
This efficient, low cost HD modulation system is flexible and provides a user- friendly web based management and configuration interface. Support for component, HDMI (clear) and composite/closed caption inputs for each dual encoder and QAM/OFDM, IP and ASI outputs, providing 1080p real time encoding and up to 8 HD video channels in MPEG-2 or H.264 formats in a compact modular and expandable1RU chassis. This powerful system supports multiplexing of external compressed streams via IP as well as the ability to multiplex up to 4 HD channels in 1 QAM channel for maximum bandwidth efficiency and includes integrated support for an Emergency Alert System. The PD1000 is also capable of content forensics and analysis via watermarking.

SDQ6- Standard Definition Encoder/MUX QAM 6-in-1
This nimble encoder will encode up to six composite video, stereo audio and multiplexed inputs in a single QAM with the video output format in MPEG2 SD MP@ML and the Audio output formats in Dolby AC3, MPEG 1 Layer 2. Supporting QAM modes Annex B, 64 and 256, video encoding rates from 2.5 to 15 mbps, and a frequency range of 54 to 864 Mhz, the SDQ6 is ideal for a quick and cost-effective way to expand digital services. This system also supports PSIP tables allowing the user to configure a virtual channel map for each channel and includes integrated support for an Emergency Alert System.

About Pico Digital
Pico Digital is an international media technology company serving radio and television broadcast, content providers, hospitality and commercial markets in more than 30 countries. Headquartered in San Diego, California, the company is privately held and dedicated to developing best-in-class media aware products, systems, and services. Pico Digital products are designed and manufactured in San Diego, California. Additional information about Pico Digital Inc. is available at

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