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Leader in radio broadcast receivers offers rebate program to assist
June 10, 2013 San Diego, California - Pico Digital announced today the launch of a rebate program for the X-Digital Xpress Radio System. The X-Digital Xpress Radio System was originally developed as a low cost way for Small Radio Networks to replace their aging one and two channel Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) systems with a feature rich and reliable system.

The Xpress Radio System is comprised of the X-Digital Xpress Radio Headend, which is a low cost professional DVB Headend designed to enable networks to support live programs with relay closures to the XDS-PROQ receivers. The XDS-PROQ DVB S/S2 receivers allow small networks (SCPC) or dual channel networks to replace their distribution in a low bitrate carrier system (down to 256kbauds). All XDS-PROQ receivers can be locally and centrally controlled through the Xpress Radio Headend.

The Xpress Radio System rebate program is being offered to new pre-qualified network customers with a $6,000 rebate on any X-Digital Xpress Radio Headend system, and an additional $50 rebate on the XDS-PROQ receivers when the customer purchases a quantity of 25 or more. This program will begin on June 10 - December 31, 2013. Please see our website for the full details about how to qualify for this rebate.

"After conversations with many of our customers and our potential customers, we kept hearing the same thing, they have aging and failing systems, but they don't have big budgets to replace them, so we decided to create a program as a way to ease the cost of replacing this equipment for these networks." said Jose Rivero, VP Network Technology, Pico Digital. "We partner closely with networks of all sizes worldwide, and after hearing the same concerns over and over, we determined that this would be the best way to assist these networks."

The Xpress Radio System can also be enhanced by adding advanced features such as store and forward, copy and split, file delivery, delivery and as-played tracking and confirmation, receiver and network configuration management via satellite or the internet, receiver health tracking and monitoring, advanced scheduling, schedule time-shifting events and schedule live/recorded overlays over live/recorded programs, as well as broadcasting over IP Streaming.

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