BAM-O: Broadcast Advertising Module

  • Overview:
Pico Digital's BAM-O modular advertising system integrates ads directly into our Electronic Program Guide (EPG) module, allowing advertising content to be pushed seamlessly to subscribers and made available when they're selecting which program to view.

The BAM-O module allows you to generate new revenue streams from any type of advertising in the EPG user interface, as well as promote premium content. And it reaches subscribers at the ideal moment-exactly when they're choosing what they want to view. Ads can be managed through our intuitive web-based interface, allowing you to create and publish ads with a minimum of time and effort.
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Ordering Information
  • Minimize costs and maximize revenues through advertising in the UI
  • Promote programs and offers to customers
  • Influence prime time viewing and thereby increase peak advertising rates
  • Increase viewer awareness of new program choices
  • Remind viewers to watch favorite programs
  • Provide highlights of selected programs
Operator Benefits
  • Helps you up sell viewers to higher cost subscription packages
  • Allows you to promote content even when a viewer is watching a competing channel
  • Provides greater certainty that a program promotion will reach viewers
  • Reaches viewers at the point they are choosing which program to watch
Subscriber Benefits
  • Reminds viewers to watch their favorite programs
  • Informs viewers of special offers and incentives to watch promoted pay channels
  • Provides highlights of selected programs and can automatically generate reminders or recordings
Ordering Information
BAM-O Broadcast Advertising Module




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