CEF/860: 860 MHz Single Channel Elimination Filter

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  • 142 Channel frequency passband 5 to 860 MHz (CATV T7-T13, 2-13, A1-A5, A-ZZZ, 89-135)
  • Rejects a total of 66 channels ranging from Ch.2-Ch.TT
  • Deep -50 dB minimum cavity-tuned notch filter for clean signal removal of selected cable channels and subsequent insertion of locally originated signals
  • Sharp filter cut-off edges allow adjacent channels to be processed with negligible loss
  • High-Q helical resonators with unique coupling circuitry provide excellent long-term stability
  • Up to 4 units can be cascaded for multiple channel elimination and reinsertion with negligible interaction
Passband Frequency Range5 to 860 MHz
Rejection Band Frequency Range54 to 450 MHz
Rejection Band Channel RangeCh.2-Ch.TT
Rejection Bandwidth6 MHz
Channel Rejection (min)50 dB
Insertion Loss5 dB
Adjacent Channel Loss (Low-Band)6 dB
(Mid-, High-, Super-, Hyper-Band)8 dB
Impedance75 Ω F-Female
Dimensions19” (W) x 9” (D) x 1.75” (H)
Weight7.5 lbs.
Ordering Information
CEF/860Single Channel Elimination Filter (Ch.2-TT)




Pico Digital CEF/860 CEF/860 860 MHz Single Channel Elimination Filter Product #: CEF/860