TSV-2SB: 2-Port Vertical Port Splitter Soldered Back

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  • Broadband 5~1000MHz frequency range
  • Vertical port design allows close mounting in lock boxes for easy access of cable connections
  • 1-inch centered 1?2? long precision machined F-connector threads ensure improved port-to-connector interface and accommodate external security devices
  • TSV-SB series feature a solder-sealed back cover plate! providing maximum EMI-RFI shielding >-130dB and eliminating signal ingress to guarantee distortion-free pictures
  • Silver-coated zinc-alloy diecast housing ensures excellent ground bonding and long corrosion-free service life in indoor/outdoor applications
  • Capacitor coupling circuitry at all ports provides effective DC voltage blocking
  • High-retention seizing pins provide improved connectivity to connector center lead
MHz DSU-2P Insertion Loss (max. dB) DSU-3P Insertion Loss (max. dB) DSU-4P Insertion Loss (max. dB) DSU-8P Insertion Loss (max. dB) Isolation (min. dB) Input/Output Return Loss (min. dB) RFI
5-400 3.6 3.7/7.2 7.2 11.0 20 18 >80dB
400-500 3.8 3.9/7.5 7.5 11.0 24 18 >80dB
470-600 4.0 3.9/7.5 7.5 12.0 23 18 >80dB
600-1000 4.0 4.4/8.2 8.2 12.9 20 18 >80dB
Ordering Information
TSV-2SB 2-Port Vertical Port Splitter Soldered Back




Pico Digital TSV-2SB TSV-2SB 2-Port Vertical Port Splitter Soldered Back Product #: TSV-2SB